Thursday, January 30, 2014

Benefit the POREfessional Review

I am sure you have heard of this product is definitely not new but with all those new pore perfecting primers and serums coming out, a lot of people are using this product as a reference as it was one of the first of this kind. I have been using this primer for many months now and tried it with different foundations and it did not work the same with all foundations but I think it has to do with the foundations not the primer itself.

It comes in a 0.75 oz practical tube and is very easy to use. It claims to quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and help makeup stay put. You can (and should) apply the primer before putting on foundation and you can also put it over the foundation if you want to touch up throughout the day. 

 I apply it only on specific parts of my face where I want to conceal pores or fine lines, not over my entire face. I put it on and then wait a few minutes to let it set before putting on my foundation. This way, the primer does not mix with the foundation.

 I like this primer but it is not great. It does conceals pores and fine lines but not for a very long time (just to mention, I have combination skin, oilier during summer, drier during winter). After a few hours of wearing makeup my pores are almost the same as if I had not put primer in the first place. I don't take the tube everywhere with me everyday, but if I have something special and want my skin to look perfect all day I take it with me and touch up once during the day and it really works. I just put a little bit over the areas that need touch ups and put a bit of powder over to set it and I'm good to go! It does not look cakey or too much. 

It's a nice primer for minimizing pores but I will try to find something better after I finish this one. A girl at Sephora suggested I try the Dr. Brandt Pores no More primer and I think I will :)

Gabriela xoxoxo

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